The Floodwaters Will Leave, But the Mosquitoes Will Not.

The Floodwaters Will Leave, But the Mosquitoes Will Not.

The intense rainfall and flooding we’ve been experiencing in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas have created abundant mosquito breeding grounds that will make things much more unpleasant to deal with than just soggy ball fields.

While the waters recede from view, mosquito populations are likely to spike in the next one to two weeks. It is imperative that action is taken to rid properties of any standing water. Remember, mosquitoes don’t need much to reproduce. All it takes is water in an overturned soda cap.

The first line of defense is making your property as mosquito-free as possible for your residents with a Mosquito Abatement plan. We also encourage everyone to use insect repellent when outdoors. With the school year rapidly coming to an end, children will be spending more time outdoors. This especially applies to them as well. As we get closer to July, mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus or Encephalitis are more likely to show up so simple common sense and caution is advised when venturing outdoors.

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