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Scientific Insect Control is a pest control service provider specializing in commercial and industrial pest control. Our client base includes commercial real estate, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, and multi-family housing. Scientific Insect Control are experts at solving problems.


Scientific Insect Control was founded by Ronald Lingenfelder in 1982. Ron started Scientific Insect Control after studying Biology at the University of Maryland and working in the pest control industry for seven years, convinced that it was possible and important to provide the commercial industrial customer a more effective solution for a better value. Scientific Insect Control therefore helped to pioneer the pest elimination protocol. We have established LEED compliant pest control services. We have field tested and effective protocols that proactively treat and eliminate bedbugs. Scientific Insect Control knows how to design green programs that limit environmental impact as well as effectively preventing and limiting pest pressure. Scientific Insect Control never offers systems that have not been proven through the scientific method to be able to solve problems.


The difference between Scientific Insect Control and all other pest control companies is our technical excellence. The well trained staff is the most important key to our ability to solve problems. We train continually throughout the year with each technician receiving 80 plus hours of training every year.


Scientific Insect Control adds value to our customers by providing a carefully planned and executed comprehensive pest elimination service. Most importantly our customers have peace of mind knowing Scientific Insect Control will inspect, detect and correct all pest problems in a timely and effective manner.


Regardless of the type of pest, if your problem has feathers, fur or antenna we are excited to provide a cost effective solution.

We Solve Problems.
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