Scientific Insect Control prides itself on technical excellence and you can be assured that the technician who arrives at your property can solve your problem. A multifamily complex has different pest control needs than a single family home. At Scientific, we take pride in the fact that 95% of decisions needed to solve your infestation are handled right there. We’re also on-time, quick and able to adapt to the schedules residents keep. Scientific understands the importance of time, but we also know that you need a comprehensive solution that will stop the infestation for good. Our service technicians will spend the extra time to explain the details of what you have going on, how it may have happened, and most of all, why our method will assure it does not happen again.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Common Pests


Acrobat, Argentine, Carpenter, Crazy, Field, Fire, Ghost, Harvest, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Thief


Bumble, Carpenter, Honey Miner


Carpet, Cigarette, Click, Confused Flour, Drugstore, Furniture, Ground, Larder, Lyctid, Powder Post Beetle, Red Flour, Red Legged


Field, House


American, Asian, German, Oriental


Blow, Bottle, Cluster, Drain, Fruit, Fungus Gnat, House, Sewer, Phorid




Clover, Dust, Flour, Human Itch, Norther Fowl, Tropical Rat


Almond, Clothing, Indian Meal, Mediterranean Flour, Webbing


Black Widow, Brown Recluse, House, Jumping, Sack, Wolf


Eastern Subterranean, Formosan


American Dog, Brown Dog, Deer, Lone Star


Grain, Merchant Grain, Rice

Other Pests

Bag Worm, Bald Face Hornet, Bat, Bedbug, Box Elder, Brown Marmorated Stick Bug, Canandian Goose, Caterpillar, Cave Crick, Centipede, Cheese And Ham Skipper, Cicada Killer, Daddy Long Leg, Earwig, European Hornet, Fire Brat, Flat Headed Wood Borer, Fungal Gnat, House Mouse, Lady Bug, Less Grain, Metallic Wood Borer, Millipede, Midge, Mold Mildew, Mosquitoe, Mud Dabber, New House Borer, Norway Rat, Northern Fowl, Paper Wasp, Pigeon, Pill Bug, Rot, Root Rat, Seagull, Silverfish, Sparrow, Starling, Tree Squirrel, Wood Attacking Fungi, Woodpecker, Yellow Jacket, Yellow Mealworm

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