Life-Saving Cyborg Cockroaches

Life-Saving Cyborg Cockroaches

Credit: Image courtesy of Abhishek Dutta/UConn

Can you imagine a reality where someone’s life could be saved by a… cyborg cockroach?

Researchers at the University of Connecticut have spent the better part of the past decade working to make science fiction into actuality.

They have developed a tiny neuro controller that could provide more precise operation of micro biorobots, such as those being tested on ‘cyborg’ cockroaches for possible use in search and rescue missions inside collapsed buildings.

A tiny neuro-controller created by researchers at the University of Connecticut could provide more precise control of futuristic biobots, such as cyborg cockroaches that are already being tested for use in search and rescue missions inside collapsed buildings.

Although success has been limited and numerous technical difficulties continue to exist, they are working hard to overcome the challenges.

“The use of insects as platforms for small robots has an incredible number of useful applications from search and rescue to national defense,” says Abhishek Dutta, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at UConn, who developed the circuit along with an undergraduate researcher in his lab, Evan Faulkner. “We believe our microcircuit provides a more sophisticated and reliable control system that brings us one step closer to real world implementation of this technology.”

Additional research is being conducted to refine the technology and was presented at the Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience in Philadelphia earlier this September.

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