Hiring a pest control company is different than purchasing sheets. With habitat and sub habitat within the facility there are certain idiosyncrasies and intricacies that must be address with a scalpel approach not a hatchet. Whether it’s a hospital, rehab center, long-term care facility, or a dialysis unit, there’s zero tolerance and we live by that principle. This is really where “technical excellence” defines where we stand as one of the primary service agencies to the healthcare industry. Each of our technicians receives over 60 hours of continuous training throughout the year and servicing hospitals is a key focus area. Besides the fact that the hospital environment is one of the most complex in the industry, there’s the added seriousness of patient sensibilities. We have to be pro-active so insects never enter the equation, but we also study and practice methods of application that avoid any hint of contamination or infiltration into your direct care environment. We also know that hospitals are 24/7 facilities and we make every effort to service around the ongoing tasks of each shift. From food service to the critical operation of an ICU, we offer the most technical, comprehensive and adaptable pest control system in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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Common Pests


Acrobat, Argentine, Crazy, Field, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Thief


Confused Flour, Drugstore, Furniture, Ground, Larder, Red Flour, Red Legged


American, German, Oriental


Blow, Bottle, Cluster, Drain, Flesh, Fruit, Fungus Gnat, House, Phorid


Body, Book, Crab, Head


House Dust, Tropical Rat


Almond, Clothing, Indian Meal, Mediterranean Flour, Webbing


Black Widow, House, Wolf


Brown Dog, Deer, Lone Star


Indian, Less Grain, Sawtooth Grain


Bees, Bedbug, Box Elder, Brown Marmorated Stick Bug, Centipede, Cheese And Ham Skipper, Earwig, Flees, Flies, Hornets, House Mouse, Lady Bug, Millipede, Mosquitoe, Norway Rat, Pigeon, Seagull, Starling, Tree Squirrel, Wasps, Yellow Jacket

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