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Scientific Insect Control offers quick, efficient, and affordable insect control meant to eliminate the structural damage and time-consuming administrative hassles that cost you money. Our goal is to eliminate the guess work. We’re experts at what we do so our training, insight and efficiency allows us to solve problems before they happen; which saves you money and allows us to offer competitive pricing that meets your budget. The true success and cost-effectiveness of insect management is tested over the long-term. And the best plan is a smart plan. Let Scientific Insect Control manage the task of property protection on budget, efficiently and on time.

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Common Pests


Acrobat, Argentine, Carpenter, Crazy, Field, Fire, Ghost, Harvest, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Thief


Bumble, Carpenter, Honey Miner


Carpet, Cigarette, Click, Confused Flour, Drugstore, Furniture, Ground, Hide, Lady, Larder, Lyctid, Powder Post Beetle, Red Flour, Red Legged, Warehouse


Flat Headed Wood, Metallic Wood, New House, Old House


Field, House


American, Asian, Brown Bandit, German, Oriental, Palmetto Bug


Blow, Bottle, Cluster, Drain, Fruit, Fungus Gnat, House, Sewer, Phorid




Clover, Dust, Flour, Human Itch, Norther Fowl, Tropical Rat


Almond, Clothing, Indian Meal, Mediterranean Flour, Webbing


Black Widow, Brown Recluse, House, Jumping, Sack, Wolf


Eastern Subterranean, Formosan


American Dog, Brown Dog, Deer, Lone Star


Grain, Merchant Grain, Rice, Sawtooth Grain

Other Pests

Bald Face Hornet, Bat, Bedbug, Box Elder, Brown Marmorated Stick Bug, Canandian Goose, Caterpillar, Cave Crick, Centipede, Cheese And Ham Skipper, Cicada Killer, Daddy Long Leg, Earwig, European Hornet, Fire Brat, Flees, House Mouse, Lady Bug, Millipede, Midge, Mold Mildew, Mosquitoe, Mud Dabber, Norway Rat, Paper Wasp, Pigeon, Pill Bug, Rot, Root Rat, Seagull, Silverfish, Sparrow, Starling, Tree Squirrel, Wood Attacking Fungi, Woodpecker, Yellow Jacket, Yellow Mealworm

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