BedBug Pro-Active Protocol for Hospitality Industry

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Problem: Units Off Line: The barrier to profitability in the hospitality industry is offline rooms. Margins can be razor thin and operation costs sky high. Scientific Insect delivers a bedbug unit back online two hours after treatment is complete.


Problem: Guest upset: The guests that report a bedbug sighting are usually upset or at least disappointed. Scientific Insect begins to protect your reputation by covering the cost of comping that nights stay. If the bedbugs in the guests’ room result in an infestation in the guests home we will treat the home for free.


Problem: Bad Publicity: Scientific Insect will monitor and respond to all negative reviews that relate to bedbug or all other pests if we are also contracted to control general pests.


Problem: Reactive vs. PROACTIVE: If you wait to react to a guest’s report of bedbugs, the bedbug population is probably too big to solve easily. Scientific Insect has developed a unique protocol that identifies bedbugs before the guests even see them. We also treat each unit to provide a means to protect the unit from bed bugs that may be introduced by the guest.


Other Facilities that would benefit from a Bedbug Proactive Service
Health care; hospitals, nursing homes, rehab center, community care centers. Transportation; planes, trains, buses, taxis, limo service. Entertainment; movies, concert halls, sport venues, theaters, opera houses.


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