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Concerned About Bed Bugs?
Scientific Insect Control Has a Solution...

Let our Bed Bug Proactive Plan Ease Your Mind.
Bed Bug Proactive Plan: Proactively treat for bed bugs. If bed
bugs are found while your property is under our guarantee, then
we treat affected units free of charge.


LEED and Green

Protecting the environment based on science, not politics.
Your guide to what the buzzwords mean and how to look past the spin and solve problems.


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February 28th | 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Management's Biggest Pest Control Issues

Loyola College Graduate Center
8890 McGaw Road | Columbia, MD 21045

Rat Control


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Rodents are persistent
at getting inside.
The best prevention?
Partnering with us!

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Our technicians undergo rigorous yearly training so that they are the best trained in the industry. This training includes:


  • 50 hours of in-house training
  • More than 20 hours of field training
  • 10 hours of outside training

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Featured Team Members

SIC Operations Manager Derek-S

Oversees the technicians, schedules service, client liaison.


Operations Manager

``Giving Hugs and Killing Bugs`` -Roy
Oversees technicians, solves people problems, and kills pests.


Field Supervisor
SIC Field Supervisor Chris K

Expert in pest control and management, especially commercial kitchens!

Chris K.

Field Supervisor
Matt B.

I enjoy helping people with a problem, it makes me happy to see joy in others because of my actions.

Matt B.

Field Supervisor

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